From Kitchen to Table: The Art of Crafting Authentic Home-made Cheesecakes by Aicha

Post Date : August 7, 2023

At Meem Sweet, we take immense pride in offering a delectable range of cheesecakes, lovingly crafted by the talented Aicha Tawfiq. Inspired by her passion and fueled by the love and encouragement of her family and friends, Aicha transformed her kitchen experiments into a distinguished project that now brings the most delightful cheesecakes to the people of the UAE and the region. In this blog, we delve into the journey of Aicha’s culinary artistry, exploring the secrets behind her authentic and mouthwatering home-made cheesecakes.


  1. A Passion Ignited

Aicha’s journey in the world of cheesecake began as a labor of love. With a deep passion for baking and a fondness for cheesecakes, she started experimenting with different recipes in her own kitchen. Each creation was infused with her heart and soul, as she aimed to perfect the art of crafting the ultimate cheesecake that would captivate palates and warm hearts.

2. Meem Sweet’s Inception

As word of Aicha’s scrumptious cheesecakes spread among her loved ones, their encouragement and appreciation sparked an idea that would soon become Meem Sweet. Driven by the desire to share her delectable creations with the world, Aicha founded her very own cake selling store, offering a diverse range of cheesecakes that showcased her culinary expertise.

3. The Authenticity Factor

What sets Aicha’s cheesecakes apart is their authenticity and commitment to quality. Each cheesecake is a testament to her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. The flavors are thoughtfully curated, celebrating the essence of the region and offering a delightful blend of traditional and innovative tastes.


From humble beginnings in Aicha’s kitchen to becoming a celebrated cake selling store, Meem Sweet stands as a testament to the artistry and love behind every cheesecake. Aicha’s passion for crafting authentic and delightful cheesecakes has blossomed into a cherished venture that delights dessert lovers across the UAE. 

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