Sample Agreement between Teacher and Parents

Post Date : April 16, 2022

A sample agreement between a teacher and parents can help create clear expectations and reduce confusion throughout the school year. It is important for both parties to understand their responsibilities and establish effective communication in order to support the success of the student.

Here is a sample agreement between a teacher and parents:


This agreement has been established to ensure that the communication between the teacher and parents is effective and that we can work together to support the education and development of the student.

Responsibilities of the teacher:

1. The teacher will communicate regularly with the parents regarding the student`s progress, both academically and socially.

2. The teacher will provide timely and constructive feedback on the student`s assignments and tests.

3. The teacher will create a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes the student`s learning.

4. The teacher will maintain confidentiality and privacy of the student`s records and personal information.

5. The teacher will respond promptly to any concerns or questions from the parents.

Responsibilities of the parents:

1. The parents will ensure that the student attends school regularly and is on time.

2. The parents will ensure that the student has completed all homework assignments and is prepared for tests and exams.

3. The parents will communicate any concerns or issues regarding the student`s well-being to the teacher.

4. The parents will participate in parent-teacher conferences and meetings when required.

5. The parents will provide support and encouragement to the student in achieving their academic and personal goals.


1. The teacher will provide regular updates on the student`s progress through email or other means of communication.

2. The parents can communicate with the teacher through email or scheduled meetings.

3. The teacher will provide advance notice of any anticipated absences or delays in responding to communication from the parents.

4. The teacher will provide notice of any significant changes in the student`s academic or social behavior.


We believe that this agreement will facilitate effective communication and cooperation between the teacher and parents. We are committed to working together to support the student`s education and growth.